Argelius Network

Argelius Network

Argelius Network is a blockchain-based project aiming to change the way we make and listen to music.


WEB 3.0 Music Ecosystem

Our vision is to create a web3.0 eco-system for the music industry and its protagonists. For years, the music industry has encountered way too many problems and each day, protagonists are losing their power. We want to fix this along many other problems we have seen in the music industry. For a better understading upon us and our vision, please read our whitepaper.


We Want To Help Artists Achieve Their Goals

Our mission is to develope an eco-system and the bridge to web3.0 to a complete descentralization music industry where all protagonists can and will have an equal chance. We want to empower protagonists. Our platforms will allow artists to express creatively, create new ways of incomes, manage their finances and gain popularity.


What Argelius Network aims to achieve is an eco-system where you come in and never want to leave. The projects behind Argelius Network represent a decentralized eco-system where music protagonists, fans and investors can join. We wish to create a new eco-system, completely free by eliminating third-parties, based on blockchain technology and descentralization. Our eco-system will provide artists a new type of music industry where freedom exists, maximize creativity, reach full potential, free expression, maximize profits and finding new opportunities to explore. We want to empower music protagonists.


We have seen to many artists trying to gain back their freedom, their power, but they are left for starvation. Argelius wants to FIX this. It is not fair to left artists to starve when they are the money machines. Argelius Network was born with a great purpose in mind – to revolutionize the music industry. Over the years, music industry has not changed a little bit and this is wrong. As other industries grow and evolve, music industry must do the same thing.


Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence are what define Argelius Network. Implementing AI technology, along blockchain technology, will be a breeze and an unique feature that will facilitate its protagonists, fans and investors.