Argelius Network


Argelius Network represents the future of the music industry!

Validated Valuation: $50k

Investors: 1

Smart Contract Adress: 0xa15620e91cfe6940fb073 4e3ce59b96ac1815da7

ARG Presale in Q3 2022

Don’t miss your chance to invest in the new era of music. Play-to-earn, listen-to-earn, staking, music festival, royalties and many more. Argelius Network represents a full eco-system, completely decentralized, made for artists and fans.




Argelius connects Music to the Blockchain so artists can truly interact freely and directly with their audience.


Argelius focuses on artists and fans and recognizes their value by creating new ways of profit.


Argelius ecosystem is powered by an ever-growing music and investor community.

Web 3.0

Argelius aims to build a Web 3.0 infrastructure to support the music industry in a completely new way.


Argelius Network is a completely unique and decentralized eco-system with many features for artists, fans and investors.

Blockchain Technology

Argelius Network relies on the blockchain technology to achieves its mission.

Passive income

Generate new passive income with Argelius Network. With features like listen-to-earn, play-to-earn, NFTS and royalties, you will be able to generate to new passive incomes.


Argelius dreams of a decentralized music industry where artists and fans can interact freely with no third-parties.


Our mission is to help music industry to evolve and connecting it to the blockchain technology. We want to be the bridge between music industry and fans.


With Argelius, fans will be able to invest and support their favourite creators, becoming the modern day versions of art patrons. Creators can rely on our community to develop and promote their work.

Creators Gain Freedom

Through ARGELIUS, Creators will be able to self-produce and crowdfund their work, allowing for unprecedented levels of artistic expression, with zero compromise. This makes ARGELIUS the perfect tool for emerging artists.

Fans Earn Royalties

For the first time in history, fans will be able to directly invest into the works of their favorite artists, sharing with them the financial benefits.

Engaged Communities

By tokenizing creations, we create a vibrant, liquid market where investors, fans and art critics join hands to create the most objective appraisal possible. Rich insights and instant feedback for unprecedented levels of engagement.


Q2 2022 - Launch

Argelius Network succesfully launched along with its whitepaper. 

Q3 2022
  • first presale round 
  • partnerships
  • ambasadors
Q4 2022
  • second presale round
  • private sale
  • office 
Q1 2023
  • exchange listing
soon to come
  • soon to be updated




Our innovative festival will offer you the biggest experience of your life. Drone lights, fireworks and holographic images are what define our unique festival. Come and see your favourite DJ, artist or band performing live! A truly unique experience is waiting for you.




Argelius Network aims to revolutionize the music industry and its protagonists, as well as for fans and investors. Our eco-system is what the global music industry truly needs.
Argelius Network is for everyone who loves music.
Our eco-system is made of several projects that will facilitate its protagonists, fans and investors.
Argelius aims to change how independent musicians earn revenue from their creations giving them freedom to monetize while increasing their visibility into the musical scene.
After the presale rounds are ended, we will prepape everything to be ready as soon as possible for listing. The start of the ICO will be announced after presale rounds are ended.
Argelius Network is a long term project due to the projects we are developing. We do not want to say that this will succed 100%. We do not want you to invest without reading our WHITEPAPER and without believing in our vision.
As soon as possible. We are working on everything.
Our eco-system will facilitate fans to earn profits as well as for the others. Argelius will also introduce listen-to-earn option.
We are using blockchain technology and AI.